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Thank you for your interest in West Texas Youth Baseball. This is not a draft league. All teams form on their own and participate in league play set up based on each teams individual level. Our program has been growing every year since 2007 and we are the largest youth baseball program in the area. We work very hard to provide our region with quality baseball. The league is run with the participants in mind seeking input from many knowledgeable baseball folks. This is the participants program, run by individuals who understand the ever changing baseball trends. The program will always strive to meet the needs of the competitive baseball teams and never allow agendas or egos to get in the way of our goal for quality baseball in this area.We are very lucky in this  area to have Amarillo Rotary Baseball Association and Canyon Baseball Assoc who run a recreational baseball program, assuring any kid who wants to play baseball has an opportunity to play. We do have a Free Agent list that consist of players who are looking for a team. We would be happy to add your player to that list. Click the FREE AGENT link below to fill out the online form. This is NOT a guarantee of getting added to any of the teams, but only a way for parents to show their kids interest in playing for a team. We will remove the free agent list 1 week out from the deadlines to signup for any of the rec sign up leagues, which gives parents a chance to register their kid for the draft in these programs. We will work closely with both of the rec programs now and in the future to assure all kids have opportunities to play the great game of baseball!! 

I hope this answers some of your questions.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.







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9/15: Schedules are posted:

Coaches and parents, 

The schedules are posted. We will have some changes over the next few days, but will not change anything for the 1st week of 9/19-9/24 unless absolutely necessary. If that happens, we will notify coaches ahead of time. 

Coaches, the schedules are set but look them over (look over your entire schedule) and if you see any errors please email them to by this Friday. As always stated and discussed in info packet we can not meet every request. We do our best and appreciate our volunteer coaches so will always work hard to help when possible. In the coach pitch divisions I will be getting with the coaches on additional games at end of season that will start after the regular scheduled games and theres still a few games in the high school division that we are trying to find a spot for. 


Thanks, Rob


Coaches, Remember the USSSA registration is different now with the background check going through them and takes time. If you've not done yet, you might not get it all approved and rosters finalized before your 1st game. We can’t let a team take the field who’s not got this completed. If having difficulties please email USSSA ASAP. All league info is posted below if you have any questions or send an email and we’ll figure it out. Games start this weekend and next week. Also, very important: If you have parents and coaches not receiving league emails, it’s most likely due to them not having their kid registered. It’s simple (Green button that says Register here) and all kids must be registered by their parent or guardian and coaches register the same way just under coach tab. If you’re coaching with 2 teams you need to send an email so we can add you to the secondary team. 


13980 Buffalo Airport Rd

PO BOX 20559

AMA 79114 




Parks: Violation of city park rules will result in suspensions. Please review rules at parks. Here's a few key issues that create problems

1. No pets inside any of the complexes.

2. No bikes, skateboards, scooters, hover boards, etc. This has become a problem. Please make sure parents know and share with family and friends.

3. Never park on developed grass areas. 

4. Of course no alcohol or smoking at any field. Coaches remember this at practices in regards to alcohol. Hate to even mention but actually have had to deal with this and it's not a good situation.

5. Trash: We have a great relationship with all facility owners and part of that is because we always take care of the facilities. Never leave trash in stands or dugouts. Also when using score huts, if we don't follow written rules posted inside we will lose the ability to use them.

Please remember our league rule of borrowing or adding a player for a league game. You can borrow any player from a team in your age, or a player that’s 1 year younger as long as you clear it with the kid’s regular team and follow league rule by batting him last and can’t pitch (9-14’s). You can also add players to your regular league roster as long as they are eligible through USSSA AND the kid’s parent registers them for your team on and you add them to your USSSA roster. No player can participate in any West Texas Youth Baseball event without being added as stated above first. If a coach is found to be breaking this rule they will be suspended for the remainder of the season and possibly banned from the program. Sorry if this seems harsh, but we have 120 teams and are very limited with our field situation so there's not much room for changes. 



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Both the City of Amarillo and the City of Canyon have limited practice fields for rent. You need to call Amarillo to rent and click the link below for Canyon rentals.


Amarillo Parks 378-4280

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